Vegan Food Dubai

In the post-pandemic times, more than ever  Dubai is hosting and becoming the home for millions of people from all over the world, coming from different backgrounds, cultures and lifestyles; it is important to be able to provide them with what they need especially when it comes to diets they follow. 

A lot of people today have moved towards a vegan lifestyle, and today, a lot more people are shifting towards a healthier vegan diet. So if you are a resident and seeking vegan food in Dubai , is the place you are looking for!

BeVegan is the home for the widest range of Vegan food in Dubai; we offer different vegan brands to satisfy all tastes and to fit all budgets. We offer vegan substitutes for meat, chicken, diary products (cheese, butter, milk…) and even chocolate. 

  • Vegan Food in Dubai Brands BeVegan Offers: 

      1. Beyond Meat : a vegan substitute for meat 
      2. Quorn: a vegan substitute for Chicken and fish
      3. Linda McCartney: a vegan substitute for meat
      4. Earth Balance: a vegan substitute for butter and dairy spreads 
      5. Minor Figures: a non dairy substitute for milk


  • The Meatless Farm: vegan substitute for meat
    1. The Original Oatly: a vegan substitute for milk 
    2. Moving Mountains: a vegan alternative to meat 
    3. Daiya: a vegan substitute for dairy products. 
    4. Bob Red Mill: a vegan substitute for Flour, starch and other baking products
    5. Violife: a vegan substitute for dairy products

    Providing you with different international brands for vegan food from different countries as well as bringing together all the local plant-based food suppliers together on our platform, we aspire to provide the finest and high quality of vegan food in Dubai. You no longer need to search for vegan food in Dubai now that you are introduced to the different brands BeVegan has to offer covering all your cravings and making your vegan shift easier.


    As we all know, moving to a vegan diet can be challenging, but with such a wide variety of offerings from, you will be happy with the food alternatives that are equally tasteful and full of flavors or even better than the usual food we take on a regular basis; the only difference is, you will be living  healthier lifestyle while not feeling deprived of your favorite food!


    And remember, no matter where you are located in the UAE, BeVegan delivers all over UAE all you have to do is visit our website, choose the vegan brand you like, choose the product and enjoy delicious healthy vegan substitute. 

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