Dairy Free

Different opinions are observed over whether or not dairy products should be part of our diet. Some argue in favor and some argue against & prefer a dairy free diet.

There are 3 types of people when it comes to following a dairy free diet:-

  1. People who are lactose intolerant so they do not have any other choice but to follow a dairy free.
  2. People who are in favor of a dairy free diet due to several reasons like health benefits.
  3. People who are completely against such a diet because they believe that all health benefits are taken from dairy products. 

 The debate can go on, but one cannot refrain from acknowledging the different benefits one can take by simply following a dairy free diet through different substitutes from plant based products. 


5 Reasons to follow a Dairy Free Diet:-

  1. Clear Skin: it has been proven that limiting your dairy intake can help reduce acne and smoothing your skin. This is linked to 1 simple reason: the hormones found in the milk are aggravators and trigger acne and this is why many dermatologists today focus on suggesting a dairy free diet in order to get a pure glowy acne free skin. 
  2. Healthy Digestion: whether you're lactose intolerant or not, we all have faced times when consuming dairy products, milk in specific, different stomach aches and cramps. It has been proven that dairy products trigger IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and many other digestive disorders; so switching to a dairy free diet will help you get a healthy and better digestion. 
  3. Maintain Weight Loss: Dairy free diet helps the body absorb more nutrients and gain healthy weight which by turn helps in maintaining weight loss and weight management. 
  4. Prevent risk of cancer: many studies have shown that there is a significant relationship between dairy and hormone related cancer like ovarian, prostate and breast cancer, this is why reducing your dairy intake will reduce the risk of such illness. 
  5. Stronger bones: stronger bones do not come from dairy products, this is yet another myth! You can have stronger bones while following a dairy free diet because the nutrients, vitamins and minerals you take from plants are much more beneficial to your bone structure from the calcium you grasp from dairy products. 


Dairy Free Products - Substitutes:-

After being introduced to the different health benefits you can get from a simple plant-based diet, it is now important to see the different products you can refer to while switching to a Vegan lifestyle. 

Here are few products you can get from our stores and website: www.bevegan.ae 

 Milk Substitutes: -

  1. ALPRO Almond Barista for Professionals .
  2. ALPRO Almond Touch of Vanilla Drink, 1L
  3. ALPRO Almond Unroasted Unsweetened Drink .
  4. ALPRO Almond Unsweetened Bio Drink .
  5. ALPRO Coconut Almond Drink .
  6. ALPRO Coconut Barista with Soya for Professional .

 These Milk substitutes and so many others can be enjoyed with a cup of coffee, with oats, or even with corn flakes. Dairy free milk to sweeten up your drinks in an even better and more delicious way than regular milk. 

 Cheese Substitutes: -

  1. GRAWTITUDE Vegan Parmesan Cheese .
  2. VIOLIFE Mozzarella Flavour Cheese Slices .
  3. GRAWTITUDE Artisan Vegan Cashew Gouda Strong Cheese .
  4. GRAWTITUDE Artisan Vegan Cashew Smokey Cheddar Cheese .
  5. FIT FOOD Vegan Deli Goat Cheese Slices .

Different types of cheese substitutes with the exact same yet delicious taste to satisfy your overall cravings. All of these and so many more dairy free substitutes can be found on our website : www.bevegan.ae 


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